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Write for us Networth Guest Post

This blog post will teach you how to write for us Guest Posters. This post will give a brief overview of what guest blogging is and why it is valuable for those who want to make an impact on the web. It will then list some of the things that you should do when writing for Net Worth, and provide some tips on how to get started with your first guest post!

Article submission FAQs

What is write for us?

Networth is a “write for us” platform. This means that anyone can write their own content, on any topic, and have it published by us on our blog pages. We publish various different posts, including internet marketing tips and tricks, SEO news and developments, social media influencer guest posts, writing guides, interviews with successful bloggers and much more!

How to write for Net Worth?

To write for Networth you need to make a contribution to our blog by submitting a post in the submission form above. Once your contribution is accepted, you will be assigned a specific guest post topic or “slot”. You can’t just submit anything, you must make a real contribution! There are various ways to do this, which we’ll go into below.

What kind of guest posts can I do?

We accept guest posts on a wide range of different topics, which we will show you when you’re accepted. 

The most popular types of posts that our readers like to read are:

  •  Marketing
  •  Blogging 
  •  Content Marketing 
  •  Storytelling 
  •  How to’s

What if I have never written for an online publication before?

It’s not too difficult! If you haven’t written for an online publication before and don’t feel up to writing a long article, we can assign you a topic that isn’t very difficult. You can also use our writing guides as a base! Just search for “writing” or “guides” and click on the relevant one.

What about free guest posts?

We don’t accept free guest posts. When you apply for this role, we will pay you for your guest post.

Why is guest posting important for your business?

Guest writing is an excellent way to help your business by improving its visibility on the internet. By submitting your own blog post you can help us reach out to new readers and expand our platform which increases the chances of readers finding your site via search engines, social media or online marketing channels. What’s even better is that, because guest posts are published right alongside our own posts, they can provide a good source of quality backlinks.

What is the writing style of your website?

We try to be informal and friendly when writing. We write in the first person and try to use words that average people can understand. We don’t use very complex sentences or difficult words, and we use bold text sparingly. If you’re used to writing for a formal audience, you may have to change your style a little bit if you want your article published on our website.

Guidelines to Follow for Article Submission

  • 1. Read the guidelines and submit your guest post accordingly
  • 2. Create a great title that’s relevant to the article
  • 3. Be sure to include a short, but informative, article summary in your submission
  • 4. Follow our writer’s guidelines and demonstrate some originality in your piece
  • 5. All articles should be at least 1,000 words long to ensure that they contain enough content for readers

What do I need to know about the assigned topic?

You will have to read up on the topic of your guest post in advance and be familiar with what we publish. For example, if you’re writing a guest post on writing, we will publish tips and advice (which we call “guides”), as well as interviews. If you are writing a tutorial, it needs to teach something that our readers can use at some point.

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Can you pitch now?

Pitching an idea is not a requirement, but it can be a useful way to help us understand the direction and purpose of your piece. We only accept post pitches from those who have already been accepted as guest posters on our website. 

Email:[email protected]

If you wouldn’t worry note that because of the extraordinary number of requests that we get, we can essentially answer to appropriate thoughts. Appreciate you.