Player Ratings: Al-Nassr Vs Al-Ahli Saudi


In the world of football, player ratings play a crucial role in evaluating individual performances during a match. When it comes to high-intensity games between two top clubs like Al-Nassr and Al-Ahli Saudi, these ratings become even more significant. Let’s delve into the player ratings from the recent clash between Al-Nassr and Al-Ahli Saudi.

Match Overview

The clash between Al-Nassr and Al-Ahli Saudi was highly anticipated, with both clubs boasting a strong lineup of talented players. The match provided an insight into the skill and performance levels of these players, allowing fans and analysts to assess their impact on the game.

Al-Nassr Player Ratings

Key Players:

  1. Abderrazak Hamdallah: The star striker once again proved his worth with a clinical performance, earning a rating of 9/10 for his goal-scoring prowess.
  2. Maicon: The solid defender put in a commanding display at the back, earning a rating of 8.5/10 for his defensive contributions.
  3. Nordin Amrabat: The creative midfielder dazzled with his skills and vision, earning a rating of 8/10 for his playmaking abilities.

Other Notable Performances:

  • Brad Jones (GK): 7.5/10 – Made crucial saves to keep his team in the game.
  • Petros Matheus dos Santos: 7/10 – Controlled the midfield with his passing and interceptions.

Al-Ahli Saudi Player Ratings

Key Players:

  1. Omar Al-Somah: The prolific striker showcased his scoring ability with a well-taken goal, earning a rating of 8.5/10 for his performance.
  2. Motaz Hawsawi: The commanding defender marshaled the defense effectively, earning a rating of 8/10 for his solidity at the back.
  3. Salman Al-Faraj: The creative midfielder pulled the strings in midfield, earning a rating of 7.5/10 for his passing and vision.

Other Notable Performances:

  • Mohammed Al-Owais (GK): 7/10 – Made key saves to deny Al-Nassr’s attacking threats.
  • Giannis Fetfatzidis: 7/10 – Showed flashes of brilliance in attack and created opportunities for his team.


The player ratings from the Al-Nassr vs. Al-Ahli Saudi match offer valuable insights into the standout performers and key contributors on the field. These ratings serve as a useful tool for fans, coaches, and analysts to evaluate player performances objectively and assess the impact of individual players on the outcome of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are player ratings in football?

Player ratings in football are numerical assessments given to individual players based on their performance in a match. These ratings typically consider various factors such as goals scored, assists, defensive contributions, passing accuracy, and overall impact on the game.

2. Who assigns player ratings in football matches?

Player ratings are usually assigned by sports journalists, analysts, or websites specializing in football coverage. These ratings are subjective opinions based on the observer’s assessment of the player’s performance during the match.

3. How do player ratings impact players and clubs?

Player ratings can influence a player’s reputation, market value, and future opportunities. Clubs often use player ratings to evaluate player performance, make strategic decisions, and identify areas for improvement within the team.

4. Are player ratings an accurate measure of a player’s performance?

Player ratings are subjective and may vary depending on who is assigning them. While they provide a general indication of a player’s performance in a match, they may not always capture the full complexity of a player’s contributions on the field.

5. What factors are considered when assigning player ratings?

Factors such as goals scored, assists, defensive actions, passing accuracy, tackles, interceptions, dribbles, and overall influence on the game are typically considered when assigning player ratings. The context of the match and the level of opposition also play a role in determining ratings.

6. Do player ratings reflect the complete performance of a player?

Player ratings offer a snapshot of a player’s performance in a specific match but may not reflect their overall quality or consistency. It’s essential to consider a player’s ratings over multiple games to get a more comprehensive assessment of their abilities.

7. Can player ratings be biased?

Player ratings are subjective assessments and may be influenced by factors such as personal preferences, team loyalties, or individual biases. It’s important to consider ratings from multiple sources to get a more balanced view of a player’s performance.

8. Do player ratings impact fantasy football or betting decisions?

Player ratings can provide valuable insights for fantasy football players and bettors looking to make informed decisions. Evaluating player ratings alongside other stats and analysis can help in creating successful fantasy football teams or making betting predictions.

9. How can players improve their ratings in matches?

Players can improve their ratings by making significant contributions to the team, such as scoring goals, providing assists, making key defensive interventions, maintaining high passing accuracy, and showcasing exceptional skill and work rate on the field.

10. Are player ratings important for player contracts and negotiations?

Player ratings can play a role in player contracts and negotiations, as clubs may use performance data, including ratings, to assess a player’s value, set contract terms, and determine bonuses or incentives based on individual performance metrics.