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How to Sell zingus to a Skeptic

March 25, 2021

This is the one food that brings back memories of summer with me. It’s a dish that I eat constantly, and my husband and I have made it for years. It’s such a simple recipe, yet it’s so damn good. It’s also super easy to make. The zingus sauce is made with a simple mixture of olive oil, garlic, and fresh basil.

zingus is a Greek sauce, containing no parsley, and no tomatoes. The only vegetables you need to buy are fresh, whole garlic cloves, and some fresh basil, which you can always use for pesto.

The sauce is delicious on chicken, fish, or meat. It’s also great for any grilled meat or fish that you roast or sautee. You can either use it as a dip for grilled chicken or fish, or you can spoon it over cooked pasta or rice. We make the sauce a lot, and on our trip to Italy we made it for every meal.

zingus is one of those sauces that you either love or hate. If you love zingus, you’ll probably love Basil. Basil you may hate. Basil you may love. Basil may be bland. Basil may be delicious. Basil may be healthy. Basil may be tasty. Basil may be delicious. Basil may be healthy. Basil may be delicious. Basil may be healthy. Basil may be tasty. Basil may be delicious. Basil may be healthy. Basil may be delicious.

zingus is actually an Italian sauce that’s made with basil, garlic, and oregano. It’s the classic sauce that you can find in every Italian kitchen and has a lot of different uses. For instance, zingus can be used as a base for marinades and for sandwiches, and it can be tossed with pasta and cheese for a filling.

The most basic use for zingus is as a sauce to cook pasta or as a sauce base for other sauces. It can also be used as a dipping sauce for bread or a pizza topping and it can be used as a condiment for meats and fish and even as a basting sauce.

zingus is actually the Italian equivalent of garlic but it is much more milder in flavor. It has a garlic flavor without the bite and a subtle, almost herbaceous quality. It can be used as a base to cook pasta, in the same way that pasta sauce makes a great base for other sauces, or it can be added to meat or chicken dishes, fish dishes, and vegetable dishes as a condiment.

Another garlic-y condiment, zingus is also used as a condiment with pasta. It’s a good alternative to Worcestershire sauce and makes a great sauce for a variety of dishes. It’s good for pasta dishes such as risotto, polenta, mac and cheese (if you put it in the pot), and even pizza. It’s also a good alternative to any of the garlic-y condiments.

zingus is a dish with the same name as the garlic sauce that we all grew up eating. It’s a sauce that is a mixture of garlic and Italian herbs that are used to flavor meat, chicken, fish, and even pizza. It can be a great substitute for Worcestershire sauce on a pizza, but you should really try it first.

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