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Top 11 Trending Songs in August: A List That Will Inspire You

August 22, 2022

Music is the best way to express yourself. You can sing it, hum it, or even dance to it. It’s just so much fun! Maybe you want to dance and sing with your friends at a party, or maybe you want to relax after a long day in front of your computer. 

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What’s trending in the world of music right now? Well, let me tell you about:

“Fair,” Normani

Normani lets her heart out on this intimate R&B song. It’s a refreshing change from the “Motivation” dance track and the “Wild Side,” which showed her more vulnerable side. “Cos I swear I haven’t,” Normani sings in the chorus. This song is relatable for anyone who has had their hearts broken before.

“Anything But Me,” by MUNA

The indie-pop trio releases another hit from their long-awaited album, “Silk Chiffon,” following the success of “Silk Chiffon.” Bright and danceable, “Anything But Me” captures the feelings of lovingly ending a relationship that isn’t working out, trusting yourself, and not regretting it. The opening line, “You’re going to say that I’m riding on a high horse/I think my high horse’s regular size,” is amazing.

“Homemaker,” by Sudan Archives

Sudan Archives’ celebratory and seductive first single of 2022 sings about domestic life. She says it is beautiful, magical, and a place women can call home. It is also vital to her survival. She stated that homemaking was a way for her to cope with fear and isolation, a part of her mental health. “This song is about making a relationship work and giving love a place where it can live.”

Iced Tea by Joyce Wrice and Kaytranada

Joyce Wrice and Kaytranada team up again one year after the release of Overgrown. The result is a sweet, sensual, and danceable track. Write says she is “stepping into the divine feminine with the hope to empower women to stand their ground” in the new album. The chorus contains lyrics such as “Can’t fuck a woman like myself” and is clear in its message.

“Sweetest Pie,” Megan Thee Stallion, and Dua Lipa

Dua’s and Meg’s collaboration will satisfy your sweet craving for pop music. However, the “Savage” rapper can deliver some serious power through her clear and confident lyrics. While the pop star has flirtatious lyrics and sweet melodies, the “Savage” rapper delivers the goods.

“Shotgun,” Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy, Sophie Allison, wanted to “capture those little moments in a partnership that lasts.” So she released a statement saying she produced her new single. The tender lyrics are about fogged windows and being held in the arms of someone.

“No Effort” by Princess Nokia

The Harlem rapper’s latest single exudes pure “I Am That Bitch” energy. Her confidence is contagious. She sings the hook “Look at me,” a clean and effortless chant that gives us an anthem to help us feel more like ourselves, even when we don’t have the extra glamour.

“Somebody Like You,” by Bree Runway

Bree Runway transports us back to 1980s times with this retro, moody love song. With lyrics such as, “Cause You are such a precious jewel / Imagine meeting somebody like you,” she pours her heart into the track.

Rex Orange County

Look for someone who speaks about you as Rex Orange County does in this song. The talented young artist and Tyler, The Creator collaborator brings his trademark optimism to this charmingly romantic track from his new album WHO CARES.

“Guess,” Lucky Daye

Lucky Daye’s new album Sugardrip has many great tracks, but this earworm is my favourite. It features suggestive lyrics about late-night obsessions and lush stacked harmonies that you won’t want to stop listening to.

“Marry Myself,” by Benee

After making an early lockdown with “Supa Lonely,” the viral video (look, all of us tried that TikTok dance), she continued to prove her hit-making abilities on her Lychee EP. “Marry Myself,” a tongue-in-cheek standout, is by the New Zealander.


Music is a great way to learn English because it’s fun and easy. You can get started by listening to music from different parts of the world, reading about musical instruments or styles, learning how to play an instrument yourself, or making music videos. Then, to understand the Language, you can check out a platform like AmazingTalker and start with your journey. 

In addition, music is an important part of human culture that helps us understand one another and ourselves—so learning about it will give you an advantage when talking with people from other cultures who also love music (or maybe even making your own).

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