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Tips to Finding Your Perfect Scent

September 24, 2022

The scent is an understated sense, yet it affects our moods and in some instances, our personalities. A nice scent instantly uplifts the mood, whereas a bad on makes everything seem off. We create a first impression based on scent, and not only on whether the scent is good or not but also on the concentration and how it makes us feel. Therefore a good scent, delivered badly can be a bad thing. In this article, you will learn more about perfumes and how to select the perfect scent to define you.

Understanding Perfume Notes

The first step to understanding your scent is first understanding what perfume notes are. Ideally, there are three notes, namely; the top note, base note, and heart note. The top note is fleeting and doesn’t last as long. You need to apply it several times for it to have any lasting effects. Base notes, on the other hand, are heavier and you need to apply it just once and the fragrance sticks. Finally, the heart note is an amalgam of the two and capitalizes on the freshness of top notes and the longevity of base notes.

How to Incorporate Notes in your Scent Choices

You might prefer a particular fragrance, but find that the perfume you chose doesn’t last long. Well, worry no more, because the same scent can come either as a Eau de toilette, Eau de parfum or simply parfum. These three distinctions arise due to the level of concentration of perfume oils in the fragrance. Therefore, if you want your muskier scent to be fleeting, then you simply choose a Eau de toilette which is a top note with lower concentration.

Similarly, if you find a citrus perfume for women which you’d want to last longer, and to have more concentration, simply search for it in a parfum variety and you will find the heaviest and most concentrated fragrance for use wherever.

Understand the Art of Mixing Fragrances

Mixing fragrances is a fine art, which when fully understood, can help you find the perfect scent. Blending fragrances help you to find the right balance between concentration and longevity. You might like one fragrance for its sweetness, and another for its strength. Simply put the sweet fragrance on your lymph nodes and the strong scents can go on your wrist or other parts of your body.

The secret is to understand whether the concentration is overwhelming or just right enough to keep you feeling fresh whilst announcing your presence in a subtle manner. You want someone closer to you to enjoy the scent without overwhelming other people who might not even draw nearer.

Keep it Simple

Overall, the most important piece of advice is to keep your fragrance choices simple. There are thousands of fragrance choices that you can choose from and you might be surprised to find some cost-effective options that still smell great and last longer. For women, the choice of fragrance is not something to gamble with and therefore you should take your time before settling on a scent.

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