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The legality of Tanzanian bookmakers

July 29, 2022

Where do Tanzanians prefer to spend their time, earn money and just have fun? The answer is online gambling which has gained in popularity in the last few years. All in all, it is not just a way of getting large revenue out of minimum investments, but also a great opportunity to testify the fortune and examine gaming skills in card games, lotteries and betting sites. Moreover, the industry of online gaming has developed in a way that we are now able to choose between great varieties of bookmakers suggesting more and more games to play and tournaments to place your bets alongside with the websites customized for a present-day gambler, for his questions and demands that will be replied by customer service, which should be equally well-organized and straightforward.

Reasons why digital betting increased in popularity

Speaking about Tanzanian betting site, it appeals to people with the top-league matches, the best odds, the fastest payouts and the accessibility for everyone interested. It should be mentioned that for many people gambling has become a permanent job, where they can receive a regular income. For those reasons, we should not underestimate the relevance of online gambling in the modern society.

The law about gambling

By far the most important criteria that a good bookmaker company should satisfy is the status of a legal company. Apparently, all kinds of gambling are legalized in Tanzania, due to what anyone can practice either online casino, either sport betting. In accordance with the law about gambling of this country №4, chapter 41, 2003, all gambling houses must obtain a gambling license and get approved by Gaming Board of Tanzania. 

Kids and gambling in Tanzania

Besides, it is completely prohibited for people under the age of 18 to participate in such activity and even stay in the land-based casinos. Anyone who brings a child to a gambling house is considered as guilty in the violation of gambling law and must pay a fine of 500000 Turkish liras or shall be liable to imprisonment for 3 months. In case the violation occurs on the part of the bookmaker, government may deprive its license. Thus, laws about gambling are only responsible for protecting children from early gambling-driven activities.

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