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Sage Advice About peyton coffee birthday From a Five-Year-Old

February 12, 2021

Peyton Coffee’s birthday was on December 1st. I decided to make the cake after seeing her picture. It was a big deal for me because the thought of her going through a birthday without any cake made my stomach hurt. I didn’t want her to have cake and I don’t want a cake without her. It’s not fair.

I had to make sure if there was any cake left to put it on my cake plate because it was just about to get hard. The cake itself was a mix of my favorite flavors, but of course, it wouldn’t be without Peyton.

Peyton’s birthday had everything that was usually in a birthday cake. I decided to use red and white cake that I had made myself. I used the classic red and white cake with the red frosting and the white frosting. It did make the cake look a little funny, but I think that was just because I hadnt yet got the right colors right. I made the red and white cake as it was because I wanted it to look like a red cake but with the white frosting.

I made a red and white cake and it was very fun to make but I also wanted to make them look just like the pictures that peyton had. I did this by adding red food coloring to the red cake, adding white food coloring to the white cake, and putting a green frosting on peyton cake to make him look like a green peyton (which is just a peyton cake).

As it turns out, peyton is peyton is a small red apple that peyton’s father gave to peyton when peyton was young. It’s a very good thing peyton knows that.

I also started him giving me money for the cake and I think he would have been fine with the green cake (which is a green peyton cake) because he is a nice guy and doesn’t like peytons money. But because of peyton’s insistence on the red cake, I ended up getting to the bottom of this whole thing.

Well, the part of this story I didn’t get to is the reason why peytons green peyton cake got to the bottom. Apparently peytons father, a nice guy, took peyton to a party and peyton started giving him money. When peyton said that he wanted to get married, peyton’s father decided to take the money for the cake and then he gave the cake to peyton. So peyton ended up giving his dad the green peyton cake.

The story goes that the green peyton cake was the first thing peyton had ever eaten, and that the entire ordeal was a prank, but the whole thing is still a real story.

When it comes to birthday cake, I’ve always hated green peytons. Their teeth taste like a combination of grass and rotten fruit. Their eyes have a green tint. The only thing peytons eyes are good for is making them cry.

As a kid, I hated peytons. They were ugly and my dad would always make me eat them. If I got a green peyton cake and I was to eat it, my parents would give me a big lecture about eating things that weren’t good for you. I don’t think my parents ever got sick of peytons.

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