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February 22, 2021

Yes, I said “the majority.” The number is actually far less than that. It’s actually closer to 1/3. This is because we tend to think of ourselves as a unit—we are “me”—yet actually, we are each of us. There are things about our physical bodies, our emotions, and our minds that are unique to each of us.

Yes, we are a group, but each of us (you and I) also have individual strengths and weaknesses, and in this case we have both. The strength of a person is not just the strength of an arm, it is the capacity to do something when you have the right idea. For example, if you are very strong, you can lift heavy objects.

This is what Pat and I are trying to say. Many people think of themselves as being one thing, but they’re actually very different people.

When this happens, it’s usually because we have a weakness in some area. Maybe we have a tendency to procrastinate or are lazy at work. When we think of ourselves as one thing, there are always areas where we can go in and be another. When this happens, we may not even know it because of how our subconscious or other mind’s make up of our thoughts and actions.

The same thing happens when we identify as a certain type of person, you know, ones that we know are going to be better than what is on the other side of the spectrum. For example, I am not a very nice person, but I like to have fun and I like to keep things clean. I can be a very nice person if I want to be, but I am not always that, so when I act like a nice person, I’m really not.

The story doesn’t start when we’re on autopilot. It’s a game where we take out a bunch of people and have them kill, but we don’t do such a good job, it’s just a game where the characters are all killed, so that it doesn’t work. We end up with a lot of other people trying to kill us, but we don’t have a great time. Eventually, we stop and think about it, we get bored.

We do this because we want to, but at the same time we are going to take out and kill. The first person we kill is a party-member. He is a god, and because they are so happy and not really having any issues they are still in the game. Then, when we kill him, we kill the party member who is making them kill. It is still the game, but we are going to kill him so that we can do that.

Then we kill a few more, and then we kill an even bigger party-member. This is the part where we are the good guys. We have the guns and are still in the game, but now we are killing something that is not as good as us.

I love that we are the good guys, but it is still not enough. We do not have the guns, so we have to kill the people who are killing us. Once we kill the party leader, we are done, but we still need one more person to do the deed before we are even safe. We cannot kill everyone at once. We have to wait until we have all the guns before we can kill everyone. It is just not enough to just kill everyone.

You can always try and find a new body, but what if you accidentally kill someone? What if you accidentally kill someone? Then you will have to start over. We just can’t take any chances with this game, so you have to be very careful.

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