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7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With nihachu instagram

February 17, 2021

I really enjoy all the cute nihachu images. I love the little hat, and the hair, and the smiley face, and the smiley face hat. It has me smiling and laughing, all at the same time. I can’t get enough of this cute girl.

This is in part because she’s the most popular of my fav nihachu. I can’t help but feel good for her, and she seems like such a nice person. I know she’s not a nihachu herself, but I always feel like I’m her best friend. She’s always asking me for advice (not only about nihachu, but about just about anything), and she always seems to have a good reason for doing what she does. I love her.

When I first started playing Nihachu I made the mistake of spending a lot more time on Facebook. I would post and comment on every single thing I could think of, and while my friends were awesome, I still felt like I was a lot better off just playing the game on my own. After a few months I decided to try doing it on my own.

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