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What the Best lexi rivera boyfriend name Pros Do (and You Should Too)

March 10, 2021

Let’s say this for a moment: you want to lose weight and you’re looking for a boyfriend. The first thing that comes to mind is finding a name that makes you feel like you’re not just a number in a spreadsheet. We all need a name to hold onto. So, you’ve scoured the Internet for words that sound like “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” that get you interested.

You probably think, “yeah right. I’ll be using the same name I’ve been using for years,” but lexi rivera is a great way to stand out if you don’t mind being a girl. The name is a play on words for the Spanish phrase “el rey lexi” which means “the king has a crush on you.

The internet is full of catchy names, like lexi rivera, which is a play on the Spanish phrase rey lexi or el rey, which means the king has a crush on you. We at lexi rivera are a bunch of dudes who go by the name lexi. We’re a team of four of you who all go by lexi.

If youre still undecided about the name, read on.

lexi rivera is a play on two words, el rey and lexi. In Spanish, it means the king has a crush on you. So the first part of the name is the king’s name. In English it means the king has a crush on you. In Spanish, it means lexi’s name. If youre still not sure, check out our lexi rivera boyfriend names.

Lexis means “name,” and that’s basically what lexi means in Spanish. I like how the two words are almost synonyms, and that lexi name can also be shortened to Lexi. And, like I said, it’s a play on two different words but the same idea.

The king loves Lexi so much he even had a little crush on her back in the day. In fact, he and Lexi used to be friends. The guy had a whole bunch of girlfriends so it explains why we see such a complete lack of affection between the two of them, even going so far as to make Lexi a lesbian.

The one time I had a girlfriend named Lexi I was also pretty vocal about what a horrible person and bitch I was and that it was time for me to make a move on someone else. And then I met the guy Lexi and I were talking about I decided to call him by his older brother’s name. Lexi never liked Lexi’s older brother. He was gay and an asshole and Lexi’s life sucked. So she ended up dropping the whole thing.

I just wanted to say it was nice seeing Lexi get married.

lexi’s boyfriend was also named Lexi.

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