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How-To Guide to Mac Dual Monitor Setup and its Benefits

September 30, 2022

A dual monitor setup can be a great addition to your work-from-home setup, and it can help boost your productivity. However, before you settle on an additional monitor, you must ensure your Mac can handle the resolution. Typically, Macs can run and even exceed 1080p on different monitors, but your computer might not be able to take on an additional 4K display. You can find exactly what your Mac can handle by going to Apple’s website and checking the technical specifications. 

Once you have gone through the technical specifications and obtained a monitor for your Mac, here’s what you need to know about going ahead with the Mac dual monitor setup

  • Connect the second monitor to your Mac using the appropriate adapters and cables. 
  • You must position the monitor and your Mac where you want them to be on your desk to make it easier for you to work. 
  • Switch on your computer and let your device automatically detect the second monitor. Also, the monitor will automatically activate if the cable and adapters are correct. 

However, suppose the settings of the second monitor are not up to your satisfaction. In that case, you can click the Apple menu icon > System Preferences > Displays > click Arrangement on the main display and ensure the mirror display box is unchecked. 

On your main display, you will even see a diagram showing the positioning of the displays. If they are not correct, you must locate the secondary monitor icon. Then, click and drag the secondary monitor into the right position. Finally, release the trackpad or mouse to drop the secondary monitor into the position of your choice. 

Now, your monitors are ready to be used. But you need to configure the second monitor. Ensure the image does not appear too stretched, discolored, or squashed. If the display doesn’t look right, select Scaled and click the correct resolution. 

You can close the display settings and start using your Mac if everything looks perfect. 

Similarly, you can also have a dual monitor setup for your Windows computer. Here too, you must match the displays and position them correctly. 

Benefits of a Dual Monitor Setup

. Extremely Easy to Use and Improves Productivity

Dual monitors are user-friendly, and most laptops and computers inherently support a second display. So, you don’t need additional software to set this up. Also, it is better to use two monitors than a single one as having an extra screen can augment your productivity. 

When you need to move an app or window from one monitor to another, you must drag it from one screen to the next. Most apps will even remember which monitor you use them on; hence, after the initial setup, your computer will know what apps or programs to open on each monitor. 

. It Helps in Keeping the Desktop Organized

Dual monitors double the desktop space and help reduce clutter on your screen. For example, if your desktop is full of documents and apps, you can move some to the second display to free up space. This way, you can stay organized. 

What are the Uses of a Dual Monitor Setup?

. Zoom Calls

Video conferencing apps like Zoom or Google Meet allow screen sharing during a video call. If you have two displays, you can participate in a video call while collaborating on your projects. In addition, thanks to two displays, you can have one screen with reference materials you might need during the meeting. 

. Enhanced Collaboration

Dual monitors are great for remote workers as this setup allows seamless collaboration. You can easily communicate with team members on one screen, and the second screen can be used to work on your project. Thanks to the second monitor, you will have lots of additional space to communicate and interact with the rest of your team. 

. Compare Important Data 

One of the most significant advantages of having two displays is that you can compare critical data for your thesis or project. In addition, it makes it easier to compare different projects and files. Also, you can view tutorials and instructional videos and repeat the same steps on the second screen. 

. Perfect for Gaming

Even when you are not working and using your computer or laptop to play games, dual monitors can provide you with an enhanced gaming experience. For example, you can have a chat, music, or video on the second screen while you enjoy your game on the primary screen. 

While this isn’t mandatory, a second display can ensure uninterrupted gaming and an immersive experience. 

The Bottom Line

Follow this guide to create a dual monitor setup and enjoy a better work and gaming experience. You can use it to compare your notes or to ensure your pictures are edited perfectly. The second display can even keep your primary desktop decluttered.

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