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Deal with sports injuries with the help of regenerative medicine 

June 21, 2022

Stem cell therapyPRP or platelet-rich plasma, cartilage regeneration technique, and prolotherapy are all examples of regenerative medical treatment. This helps treat different medical conditions and sports injuries in particular. The article shows these treatment options and how regenerative medicine has gained immense popularity. Regenerative medicine can be used single-handed or in combination with other treatments to ensure promising results. For example, you will find PRP in therapeutic injection and cartilage regeneration surgeries. 

Different categories of regenerative medical treatment

These treatments are outpatient and do not come under insurance coverage. It’s because there is no one-treatment session for treating the condition. You have to go for multiple sessions to get guaranteed results. Let’s take these in detail: 

•    Stem cell therapy: Stem cells do not serve specific body functions but may develop into cells that do the work. Physicians using stem cell therapy have established that when these get placed in a particular environment, the stem cell transforms to meet specific requirements. 

• Platelet-rich plasma: Experts believe that natural healing power in the blood’s plasma and platelets can facilitate the repair and healing of sports injuries. PRP is injected or becomes a part of other surgeries to make this happen. For performing PRP, blood is extracted from the patient and processed in a centrifuge. It creates a concentrated solution of PRP or platelets and plasma. Remember that every PRP is not the same. PRP therapy varies depending upon factors like blood processing method, patients’ blood, use of other elements like anesthesia, etc. 

•    Prolotherapy: Inflammation improves blood flow and grabs cells that may heal and repair damaged tissues. Sports injuries cause inflammation, but in some instances, inflammation subsides much before the wound heals. During prolotherapy, the physicians inject irritants in the injured area that temporarily boosts inflammation. It is a typical method used to treat different medical conditions. At times, QC Kinetix (Columbia) combines it with PRP to grab better results. It is hoped that additional information will make way for healing. 

•    Cartilage regeneration: Since cartilage does not have blood vessels, no blood supply prevents cartilage from repairing naturally. Various techniques help in repairing cartilage, including regenerative medication. Remember that by implanting engineered tissues in the body, they try to introduce beneficial microorganisms that boost cell division and heal the body. 

All these techniques treat damaged cartilage, joints, and bones. However, it would help if you discussed your case with the doctor to understand the pros and cons of every method. Remember that each technique is for unique medical conditions. Hence, you must understand these in detail before settling for one. You may also take the help of the Internet to understand the benefits of regenerative medicine. Several reputed institutions specialize in different methods and facilitate promising results among their patients. 

You must get in touch with these institutes and discuss your case in detail. You may use these therapies to treat multiple sports injuries. However, do consult an expert for the best results. If you do not follow expert advice, it might not bring desired outcomes.

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